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Do I have to buy a separate ticket to the show if I buy a VIP package?

Yes, VIP packages do not include General Admission show tickets, and you will need to purchase a GA ticket to the venue for entry. Links to tickets are at 

Will I receive a VIP ticket once I place my order?

No, your name will be on a list for VIP and instructions will be sent to you via email about 23-72 hours prior to the show with entry times. You'll need a photo ID or email confirmation of your VIP order to show at the door that matches the name we have on the list. 

My son/daughter is attending, do I need to purchase a VIP ticket to chaperone? 

Everyone will need a General Admission ticket to the venue for entry, however if your son/daughter is under 18 or has special needs that requires an adult chaperone, 1 adult will be granted VIP access to accompany them. You will have to email us at to let us know you'll be accompanying them prior to the show. This does not include the other VIP perks, just entry with your child. Because of the limited tour bus space, we ask that you let us know in advance if this is the case and may ask you to wait right outside (if reasonable) to ensure all participants are able to fully enjoy the experience they paid for. 

I am unable to make the show, can I receive a refund or reschedule?

No refunds are available for VIP purchases. You may transfer your VIP ticket to someone else with at least 3 day notice prior to the show by emailing us at

Can you mail my items to me, I want them early, was late to VIP, missed the show, etc.? 

All items must be picked up at the show you purchased your VIP ticket for. We cannot ship or hold items once that show's VIP session is over, but if you arrive late you may ask at the merchandise table for your merch items. We are not able to replace/reschedule your meet and greet or photo, please do be sure to arrive on time to ensure you get your complete VIP experience.

I purchased a Kickstarter perk that includes Dinner After a Show, SideStage, Sing With The Band, etc, how do I redeem that? 

If you have not previously redeemed your perk, please email us at to schedule at least 5 days prior to your preferred show.

I have a Lifetime Guest Pass, how do I use this?

Send us an email at and let us know what show you want to attend, and we'll put you on the list. We'll also ensure our tour manager has a list of our Lifetime Guest Pass names. 

Can I bring my dog on the bus to meet Flicka? 

Because of insurance and limited space, we are unable to bring any dogs on the tour bus. If you have a service dog, we are happy to accommodate a meet and greet outside the bus for safety purposes.

Can I bring gifts for the band? 

The space on the tour bus while traveling is very limited, so while we greatly appreciate all the thoughtful gifts, we ask you refrain from anything other than items like cards or pieces of paper. For safety/allergy reasons and because Flicka will be traveling with us, we ask that you not bring any homemade/unwrapped/opened items or food items in general. We do have a PO Box you can send things to at PO Box 1027, Goodlettsville TN 37070. 

My question isn't answered here? 

Please send us an email at and we'll answer it!

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