Turn Your Pain Into Art Audiobook

Turn Your Pain Into Art Audiobook
Turn Your Pain Into Art Audiobook
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Over seven hours of heartfelt reading by Ariel to take with you anywhere. Play it on your phone, in the car, or follow along with the print version.

In this hilarious, candid, and warm debut, Icon For Hire vocalist Ariel Bloomer bares her soul and shares her struggles, coupling accessible autobiography with practical advice and inspiration for navigating the messiest parts of life.


From growing up a passionate but troubled spiritual seeker to chasing her rock n’ roll dreams, Bloomer’s journey illustrates the importance of cultivating self-love and the transformational nature of creativity, and how to access the artist inside all of us. Turning one’s pain into art is an intense but rewarding endeavor, and is one we can all benefit from—if we’re brave enough to say yes to the challenge. 


What people are saying...

"This Nashville native first became known as vocalist in cult alt-rock band Icon for Hire. But more recently, she's grown a loyal following by dispensing life advice and motivational tips on her YouTube channel, The REL Show. So it's fitting that her first book...is a mix of memoir and self-help guide designed to help readers "access the artist inside all of us." If you find most self-help manuals a bit dry and pious, Turn Your Pain Into Art offers a vibrant alternative.BBC America

It’s unfair to lump Turn Your Pain Into Art into a “self-help” category. Ariel channels her powerful voice from music to the page and steers clear of the typical clichés in favor of honest accounts of her personal journey, her “doer” spirit, and her path to figuring out how to make the best of what life throws. She finds real power in the dark places most of us shun from, and outlines a path for a new generation to actually be able to help themselves. Cameo Carlson, M Theory


Ariel's words are a beautiful reminder to love myself, and dive deeper into what that means. The authenticity of her voice made me feel like I had a friend rooting for me with each turn of the page. I've noticed my interactions with the world around me shift as I put into practice how I view myself and how that's reflected back. --Anna Renee


Turn Your Pain Into Art felt like I was sitting down over coffee with a trusted friend I hadn't seen for awhile. There's so much to catch up on, but it all felt very warm and familiar. Ariel shares her soul throughout and in turn makes you feel really comfortable reflecting on your own. Unlike similar books with a laundry list of action items and homework, she refreshingly gives us some of her own tips ranging from easy to expert, and some really practical guidance to help stir up our own motivation. Relatable and inspiring, this book left me hoping for a lot more from Ariel in the future. --Kristen Faulkner

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